Sunday, 25 January 2015

Why we commit to Excellence

When fund-raising, one is only taken seriously if they appear to be professional. This means the organization must have the following:

  • The organisation has its policies, procedures and standards well documented
  • They practice what is documented
  • There is clarity and accountability
  • Everyone functions well within their assigned area of responsibility
  • There are budgets, reports, and cost controls 
  • Programs are clear and decisions are minuted 
  • All audits and reviews are current and documented 
  • Volunteers and members receive various types of training
Are we doing all these things? Though it's not easy, we can say that we're making a very valiant effort of ensuring we put every meaningful measure in place. We want to ensure that before questions are asked that the answers have been addressed.

We are a Barbados based registry charity. 

Last year we begun the first of an annual series of Aware to Care walks. We were blessed to have the 100 Voice Choir Project, which is another annual event support us significantly with our fund-raising efforts. 

This year we are focusing on the Gala Fund-raising Dinner - Wine, Diamonds, & Jazz. Where tickets are available here online at Tixpro and at the Wine World locations locally. We need to raise significant funds for our families who are affected by CF. [See our flier here

Cystic Fibrosis costs families approximately USD$12000.00 per month / per individual who has CF in medication, plus international doctor visits; as we have no one trained in the area on island, plus airfare, accommodations, and living expenses while there. 

Additionally, the expenses of running the foundation necessitates us having to acquire - an operating base, computers and office equipment [they don't have to be new, just functional] 

It is important that we take this cause seriously as lives depend on it. Those who have CF are literally facing life / death situations every day when they cannot access the required care. Please Help Us! 

To reach us, you can use our website which has full contact details. Thank you in advance for your support. 

We are the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Barbados, and we are committed to excellence! 

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