Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Why are we fundraising again?

One thing about charities, we always seem to be asking for money? It would appear that people and organizations are always getting correspondence and media activities about some event or activity taking place geared towards raising funds.

What makes the appeal of one more interesting than that of another?

Sometimes it even seems that there's duplication of effort within the arena of fundraising. With more than one organization serving the same cause. Can it be streamlined? This is an age old question for which they are as many answers as they are as many people wishing to embark on the development of a charity.

While we can't speak with authority on the others, we can tell you about ours. We are the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Barbados [TheCffb] and we're geared to help those families afflicted by Cystic Fibrosis [CF].

Information about CF can be found here and there.

This month, we're on the eve of our major fundraising gala event entitled "Wine, Diamonds & Jazz". Where proceeds go towards helping those families affected by CF to have funds to obtain the medical care they need which is not available on island.

Even in these trying economic times, we have to keep appeals going as this illness is relentless and the expenses are staggering.

Everyone in Barbados has to travel to a metropolitan country to get medical attention. Airfare and accommodations add to the already high costs of the medical care. Won't you help us or direct us to someone who can?

We are raising funds to help these families, as our local wages / salaries and insurances can't cope. Thanks in advance for your support.

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