Sunday, 15 March 2015

When a plan comes together

For weeks there has been planning, organizing, meetings, and a myriad of activities that surrounded the planning of the gala dinner for the Cffb's - Wine, Diamonds and Jazz event which was held recently. From the glowing reports that we have received, we would conclude that everyone had a great time.

As you can imagine, it took the effort of many teams to pull this all together. Our volunteers, supporters, well wishers, parents of children with CF, and donors to mention a few made significant contributions to make this event a reality.

However we want to make mention of those who contributed to make the silent auction actually happen. They know who they are and will be featured on our website shortly. We're also excited about the partnerships we're developing with entities that though they required plenty paperwork for authenticity, we were able to deliver and be accepted for some aid; hopefully on a continual basis.

If you only can imagine it, there were many elements that had to work in synergy to make this event happen. Something went right as patrons want the even to be held next year and for years to come.

The event was developed to accomplish a particular purpose; to help those affected by the devastating Cystic Fibrosis [CF]. Out of this event, we will be able to help three of the families by way of small contributions in their quests for treatment of their loved ones. This is a first for the organization of The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Barbados [The Cffb] and we are feeling a short lived sense of accomplishment as there is still quite some ways to go.

During the awareness building for the gala dinner, we met another local who is an adult and has advised us that they too have the condition CF. We are now providing follow up so that they too can obtain the needed care. There is an urgency as the illness seems to have taken quite a toll on them and their body is showing its effects. So the race for awareness / fundraising is not over; the baton has just been passed for the next leg to continue.

We are thankful for our God-given vision to establish this foundation properly. so that when asked for the requisite compliance information by the various agencies it was forthcoming.

Those who attended the event were key. If they had not done so, it would not have been able to make the difference to those with CF. We thank you. To our sponsors and donors, we extend heartfelt thanks and will continue to do so on our website, which we are rethinking currently to make it more interactive for those who visit; so they can receive current information.

We are now preparing for the Aware to Care Walk scheduled for July 4, 2015. This was our initial major event for the year now in its second year. Why do we keep going? CF is not going to stop until there's a cure. It seems to mutate and we must keep adapting to be victorious.