Thursday, 29 January 2015

This work's never over...


We've all had these moments when we thought that we couldn't possibly go on anymore. It seems like the more work we put in, the more work seems to show up. It often leads to the question of when this work will be over.

If you're doing a great job, committed to your values and ideals; then there's one thing that is constant regardless of the language. When you want something done, ask a busy person. Why does a busy person keep getting more work when others who seem to have excess time never seem to be able to fill up their day?

Within a charity, there's always something to be done. Here are a couple areas:

  • Research and development 
  • Fund-raising
  • Administration 
  • Planning
  • Networking
  • Program development and management
  • Lobbying  
  • Training 
  • Recruitment and selection 
  • the list can go on. 
Though people have a need to belong to something / grouping; it must be serving a cause that they are interested in. They must feel that their work is valued. The leadership of these organizations must have great people skills. 

The ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of everyone while helping them in a nurturing way to enhance their strengths while addressing their weaknesses requires skill with people. We hope that within the Cffb, we are able to work with others in a manner that unifies each other through common goals, objectives, standards, and ideals. 

Is this easy? No; and can require as many approaches are they are diversities in the attitudes of individuals. One must learn to be diplomatic yet blunt and direct, being able to adapt to situations as required to ensure that the agreed values are maintained and issues are topic, not personalities. 

Everyone has a point of view and must be given ear in light of its merit. Quick evaluation and requisite action is necessary towards the building of an organization; whether it be a not-for-profit or one who has their focus on the profit as their motive. When building organizations, there's one thing for certain. This work is never over.

Ps. Did you know you can donate to our cause here? We are geared to help those children who have Cystic Fibrosis. You can also come to our gala dinner next month. 

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