Saturday, 15 April 2017

Volunteering - Key to a Rounded Education

Volunteering is key to the youth as it permits them to gain experiences so often missing from their education. In my more youthful days, opportunities to gain competence in any given area rarely existed in a structured environment, and if they did, they were not readily known. 

Nowadays, there are Caribbean Vocational Qualifications [CVQs] and Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence [CCSLC]. We also have the certificates offered by the Cffb to volunteers which speak to the areas within which they volunteered. 

We orchestrate the youth into the activities of the Cffb where they are included in activities of the foundation which permit them to gain experience. This year, we will be enhancing the program where they will be training included before they are released to the public. 

Training will include:
  • Information on the Cffb
  • Background of cystic fibrosis
  • Areas where volunteering are available
  • The expectations of a volunteer
It is expected that the training will help them enhance the following:
  • Their writing skills
  • Their speaking skills
  • Their social skills 
  • Their planning and organizational skills 
The program offered by the foundation will be ongoing where we will interact with a variety of interested schools. The schools that we have interacted with so far have asked us to continue to do so as they see value in the program. We believe that we are developing young leaders! 

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