Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Are they aware of us?

When you're involved in something, it's easy to think that just because you know what your cause that everyone else should know as well. You work hard, putting structure in place all the while trying to ensure that you do the right thing.

In meetings you speak about the vision, mission, objectives, succession, who does what and when. Then before long, you realize that for all that you've done; for all that hard work and the projects that you have put on the plate for future seasons - No one outside the immediate group knows who you are, and to be blunt - neither do they really care.

We were no different. When we mentioned that we're established to help those with Cystic Fibrosis (CF); you should have seen the blank stares. After a pause for an indeterminate amount of time, they would then go....what did you just say?

Just imagine saying to someone that there are people here among us with a rare illness that is quite expensive to treat. They have no point of reference so in their head they go - here's another one. There's going to be always a group of people asking for money for their particular cause. It's that simple. Their cases will be unique in some instances. What we're finding is that as humans, we're diverse with a variety of special health cases. The stories seem to surpass the opportunities for assistance, and in these hard times; budgets are limited.

Guess what? Despite the aforementioned, we can stop. We can't fail the youngsters and their families of those afflicted by Cystic Fibrosis. We're working hard to make the awareness grow, and the truth is, we're under resourced and under capitalized; yet we can't and won't stop.

How are we raising awareness? We will go to where you are!

Take for instance some of the places we have been and are targeting:

  • Universities, colleges, public affairs and their respective events
  • We will host events - walks and galas that will get us noticed 
  • We will use the internet with its opportunities for having websites, using a variety of social media[ including blogs and newsletter
  • We will use traditional media in a planned way - newspapers, radio, television, magazines, and the newsletters of other organizations. 
When we think / focus of the opportunities that are available, we can't dwell on the problems.

We are well structures and becoming better organized, so that we can become the bench mark for charitable organizations. Is it easy? No!

One thing is certain, "We're the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Barbados", and though you may not know of us yet. you will cause we're building awareness one person at a time. You'll find that as an organization, We're "Aware to Care"!

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