Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Cystic Fibrosis - The Post COVID-19 Coping


If the graphic above is any thing to go by, then everyone in Barbados is experiencing the rough waters brought about by COVID-19. All activities of charities and other organizations have been put into a tail spin. The recovery process will be slow and painful. Yet, with all that is going on in our environment, we have to be more innovative and creative in order to maintain so me semblance of sustainability. 

In coping, we have to be so very careful to ensure that the needs of those who suffer with CF are met. Yet we are cognizant that everyone is under strain financially, mentally, and emotionally as the impact of this environment bears heavily on us as a people. 

The only thing that COVID-19 has not stopped is the bills; in particular medical bills. Though CF sufferers are restricted to travel to doctors not available on the island. The remote doctor visits and expensive medications are still very much a factor of daily living for someone with CF. They have to practice extra caution, over and above what others do. No they are not cowards for wearing masks, but for them the reality of death for the CF sufferer becomes more paramount. 

Our environment puts additional restrictions on our already limited interactions for fundraising and building awareness in the general public. Therefore in the coming weeks we will be introducing new formats that allow the public to interact with us. 

We need volunteers that can do research, spearhead various activities, interact with the board, and assist in the provision of accountability to those who suffer CF. We just cannot forget them. 

We are the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Barbados and we are preparing to cope with the Post-COVID-19 environment.